Memorial Day Group Buy Begins NOW!!

With Memorial Day rapidly approaching we have to ask ourselves: "Who doesn't like a holiday sale", right?

We're kicking off our Memorial Day sale a little early and we're ready to get this party started, but first: let's set the mood, shall we?

1. We're going to do our best to make this the biggest sale for our 5th and 6th Gen Camaro clients of 2019. (You will NOT see lower pricing for project pricing this year, I guarantee it.)

You won't see even Black Friday pricing that's lower.

2. There's a reason there aren't a hundred other companies offering this kind of COMPREHENSIVE list of 5th Gen Camaro components: the work kind of sucks.

By now, you've seen a bunch of guys who've figured out how to do a piece or two at home (ish), so they decide to "start a business" and take orders. This is our 8th year in business, so we've seen dozens of "I'm a carbon fiber manufacturer" pop-ups fall into this trap, because doing ONE piece is fun and doing FIVE pieces just made you a little extra money, but making FIFTY pieces is tedious, takes a LOT of time, effort, and hard work (Not to mention the chemicals stink!), so that's where they break.

It's easy to take the orders when you've been doing it 8 weeks.

What's NOT easy is staying consistent and applying nearly unlimited commitment towards making sure you deliver, which is why they go out of business.

Simply put: in order to achieve the levels of quality for which we're known, we have to slog through a lot of tedious, fine-detail, intricate, and otherwise tedious labor.

It's ALL done by hand.

Prepping, carbon application, resin work, trim, cut , grind, sand masking, pin-striping, custom colors, clear coat, wet sand and polish... there's NOTHING fast about this process.

Please keep that in mind as we talk about #3 below.

3. We've got commitments from multiple clients. So, you know what that means?

It means some people will back out.

Do you know what ELSE that means?

A lot of OTHER people will follow through and ride this train to Carbon-town with us.

Do you know what happens to a small carbon shop that gets a LOT of orders at once?

We get backed up and have to take our time to make sure it's all done right.

So, this isn't going to take "2 Weeks" to get it back to you. Please keep that in mind as we work through your project(s) it won't take 10 years, and the goal is always to get it in and get it back out, but I demand the work be right, with no shortcuts.

The way we work in my shop is I sell to YOU, but my TEAM has to sell the work to ME.

If I wouldn't put it in MY car, I don't send it to you to put in YOURS.


So, so while that means there's occasional rework, it also means if we need to lose a little time or money on the occasional part because we re-do it 3 times to get it perfect, that's what we do. (Don't worry. We make it back up somewhere else.*grins*)

Seriously guys, all kidding aside: we only deal in high end carbon fiber for high end sports cars and exotics. As such, we expect the parts to go out as perfect as we're capable of delivering, so we put in the work so you never wonder where your money went'.

This Group Buy will flood the shop, so your patience as friends, partners, and clients is the single most important part of the entire project.

Make sense?

Ok, so now that we've got THAT out of the way, let's get to the good part: Pricing and availability.

We're going to run an A,B, and C tiered discounted pricing based on the cost of your project (the more you spend, the bigger the savings), so what we need you to to is look at the list, pick out the components you want, and send us an email to with your wish list.

Once we receive it, we'll workout the pricing, discuss core pricing and make some recommendations, send you an invoice and all that good stuff, and get you into production.

In the mean time, feel free to comment here (I'm not really sure how the comment system works, honestly, so let's find out together!) or email us at Sales@G3Carbon.Com and we'll get you taken care of.

Who Loves Ya, Baby?!?!


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