Psssst... We're going to post the 5th Gen Camaro Group Buy stuff here.

Ssooooooo, I heard you want to buy some carbon fiber.

I know, you can quit whenever you want, but... but... you just LIKE it and it's not like you're hurting anybody, right?

That's how we get you: One small, inexpensive piece and then?


You're selling body parts in dark alleys. (I mean, is it REALLY important that they're not yours? Nah. I didn't think so either, plus we were young and needed the money for college.)

Anyway, follow our blog and keep an eye here. We'll have the pricing matrix uploaded here in the next day and we'll get everything popping off.


Your Main Man Vowelz

PS: Shout out to our friends over at Combustion Chamber (they provided the pic up top). Be sure to check them out on YouTube for some seriously bad-ass rides and interviews. You can see us along side Bill P's crazy custom ZL1-CF. (the guys from Tom Argue Designs make an appearance, too, since they did all the real work over there!!!)

I'll post a link later on, but for now it's way past our bedtimes...

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