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With Memorial Day rapidly approaching we have to ask ourselves: "Who doesn't like a holiday sale", right?

We're kicking off our Memorial Day sale a little early and we're ready to get this party started, but first: let's set the mood, shall we?

1. We're going to do...

Ssooooooo, I heard you want to buy some carbon fiber. 

I know, you can quit whenever you want, but... but... you just LIKE it and it's not like you're hurting anybody, right?

That's how we get you: One small, inexpensive piece and then?


You're selling body parts in d...

I've been thinking about some of our more typical buy/sell interactions and I'm starting to think it may be time for an intervention...

You know, even as a business owner, I still find myself having to dial back my "customer rage-mode" when I'm met with an obstacle to g...

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