With Memorial Day rapidly approaching we have to ask ourselves: "Who doesn't like a holiday sale", right?

We're kicking off our Memorial Day sale a little early and we're ready to get this party started, but first: let's set the mood, shall we?

1. We're going to do...

Ssooooooo, I heard you want to buy some carbon fiber. 

I know, you can quit whenever you want, but... but... you just LIKE it and it's not like you're hurting anybody, right?

That's how we get you: One small, inexpensive piece and then?


You're selling body parts in d...

I've been thinking about some of our more typical buy/sell interactions and I'm starting to think it may be time for an intervention...

You know, even as a business owner, I still find myself having to dial back my "customer rage-mode" when I'm met with an obstacle to g...

September 23, 2016

This has been a tough week (or three).

We've had delays, largely due to FedEx damage on an absurdly broad scale (how do they break 70% of what they pack and ship?!?!), but I've also got some personal challenges with family (kids back to school, freshly ex'd-wife, movi...

August 9, 2016

As an automotive enthusiast first and a business owner second, I find myself constantly surfing the web trying to find that "one last mod and then I'll be done." (Come on now, we ALL tell the same lies, folks...) Last time it was an TST Integrated Sequential Tail Ligh...

August 3, 2016

With the new website under construction, now's a great time for us to add both a gallery of happy G3 Carbon Family Members (aka: Our Super Awesome Clients) AND a page to feature one extra special ride every month.

So, head on over to the link below and post a few pict...

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